The Daly Report No.  9,                                      3 August, 2023

Avoid the controlled media and their spoonfed nuus

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” 

- Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:3-11

Over 100 years ago Hilaire Belloc wrote a book The Party System which quite clearly demonstrates that the party political system is a fraud. Any reasonably close examination shows that it is designed to trick the public into believing there is some sort of public control over governments. But there is very little. As things stand the very occasional responses by “elected” governments to genuine public demands are few and far between but fortunately  hey do happen.

This edition of Belloc’s book has a foreword by US Congressman Ron Paul, a regular critic of the farce of thepresent pretended democracies. Belloc had previously served two terms as a member of the British Parliament.

Our Sham Democracy: Or the Majority Vote Racket by James Guthrie is a small book written in the 1940s and can be read online here. There are other works that add to the considerable evidence that we are continually defrauded by the political party machinery which regularly eliminates or disciplines any would be dissidents from it’s ranks and this fraud is totally dependent on a controlled mass media and that in turn is both reliant upon and a result of an enormous amount of globalised monopolisation of political and economic power. At the apex of this monopoly is international banking. By various trickery and enormous outright corruption and ruthless exploitation a mere handful of people or  families have virtually ended up owning the earth.

Much of what we are taught about money is nonsense. We  aren’t taught that when a bank makes a loan it is in every way an  issue of new money. It didn’t previously exist. Collectively,  populations never own any money, we rent it from the money  creators. Governments do not issue money except in very rare and  limited circumstances and usually ultimately serving the interests  of the private bankers when their Empire of Deceit needs a  bailout. Many billions were issued by various governments,  obviously with the okey of the private banking cartel, during the  covid lockdowns and no doubt to help fund the seriously  expensive poisonous injections. These people have created wars,  revolutions and depressions, restricted helpful development and  overseen enormous expenditures on projects and infrastructure  that is socially destructive. Several years ago an American military  leader admitted that modern warfare had largely superseded the  usefulness of aircraft carriers and that these would likely fare  badly in any military conflict however, he said their construction  helped to maintain full employment. How much other unnecessary  effort and waste is caused because of our restrictive thinking abou money.

Anyone suggesting the global bankers are political neutral might like to explain why the IMF refused a previously-agreed loan to Belarus because it's president wouldn’t impose mask mandates. 

An interesting aspect of the recent attempt to advance a total global dictatorship by herding the frightened masses over a labcreated disease into getting poisons injected into themselves and even their kids has been the wonderful amount of pushback. Very brave and often very well-informed people have emerged from all sorts of nooks and crannies. Although it had not been planned to operate that way the internet has provided a platform for some independent and honest journalists and researchers to reach an audience hugely bigger than would have existed before 2020. It has been impossible for the God-hating and human-hating global elites to remain as hidden as they were before 2020. Several researchers with huge audiences, such as Joseph Mercola and Sasha Latypova, have pointed to the international banking cartel as the likely head of the current global mass murder and powergrab programme. Mercola has drawn his large readership’s attention to the excellent documentary, Monopoly: Who Owns the World.

Sasha Latypova has done incredible research showing the covid vaccine con. job was almost certainly run by some inner circles of the US Military, most likely by DARPA. Here she shows some evidence that supports online claims of the “Pfizer vax being a medical device or an electromagnetic device. This claim is being backed by the law citation from Pfizer’s Technical Direction Letter from the Department of Defence . . . . ”

As a foot note below I have provided Sasha Latypova’s June 27 substack posting where she provides an overview of the evidence that the covid vax is actually set up as a military weapon of war and thus intended to be protected from being opposed under any civil laws.

In another of her recent postings she says that instinctively she believes that at the head of those behind the covid weapon are the international bankers. This shows a healthy instinct. Nothing like this can happen without the approval of those who control the purse strings of the present world. The late investigate writer Ivor Benson described this power as “illegitimate” which of course it is at least in the sense of being satanically evil and committing outright theft. Most of this power exists solely because most of us have let ourselves to be conned into believing a load of nonsense about the nature of money. If we ever recognise that money is by nature a clever man-made accounting system that greatly increases the economic efficiency of people working cooperatively for the production and distribution of goods and services then the cult that is modern banking would have most of it’s mystic destroyed.

It is doubtful that such an intense spotlight has been shone on the role of international finance since the 1930s “Great Depression” caused a very large movement to form - especially within the English-speaking world - around the research of British engineer Clifford Douglas. During WWI he had been asked to sort out some accounting muddles in an aircraft manufacturing company and this lead to a wider private investigation into the
process of money creation and it’s role in modern manufacturing 
and consumption.

He was able to show that in any given time frame there is always a shortage within every modern economy of consumer purchasing power in relation to what manufacturers
require to cover their costs and make some profit. All goods could only be sold by various schemes that forced the consuming public to go ever deeper into collective money debt.

In due course Douglas concluded that the bankers were well aware of this problem but  used it to increase their own wealth, influenceand power, all aimed at achieving some sort of luciferion world dictatorship. Although Douglas initially set out to simply demonstrate this fault and hopefully win the support of thebankers themselves to providing a suitable remedy. However, indue course he came to acknowledge that there was a sort ofspiritual battle being waged, and in his practical engineer’s way hedescribed it as a battle between “the will to power” and “the will to freedom”.

There formed around Douglas a huge movement and in 1934 heundertook a world speaking tour to packed audiences. Themovement became known as Social Credit but because this term isnow corrupted present followers often prefer to say DouglasSocial Credit. When I came across it and got involved in the latter1970s I met a number of older supporters who claimed thatpossibly one of the objectives of the money power in causing WWII may have been to destroy the Douglas SC movement byusing the war production to greatly ease the then mass financial deprivations.

Like many other anti-globalists  I hope that Russia holds it self together and comes out in a good condition on the other side of theUkrainian war. Paul Craig Roberts has long argued that Putinthreatens big but acts weakly and that he should have smashed thethe illegitimate and lying Kiev regime as quickly as possible  which in the longer term would have resulted in less bloodshedand a better conclusion.

Maybe, who knows? Putin has admittedone of his big mistakes was not to have quickly destroyed the illegitimate Kiev government that arose after the US StateDepartment funded and organised the 2014 overthrow of the previous elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych whofled for his life with the help of a Russian provided helicopter.

Putin is Christian. He has gre atly aided the regeneration of the Russian Orthodox Church whose clergy and followers were murdered in the millions after the 1917 international bankersupported Communist revolution. But does he still worship “modern medical science” as he did in 2020 when he went along with the global covid lie, as sadly did also Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who even reportedly said that those who don’t get vaccinated will die. That of course eventually happens to all of us but is presently happening more rapidly and more frequently now among the vaxxed.

The Russian government apparently is still supporting the  further development of its mRNA toxic vaccine. The developer of the Spudnik V vax wants to create a vax that is distributed in canned food. These people are insane. May the cult of “modern medicine” with its murderous fettish for injecting toxins into veins or spooning it down peoples throats fall over soon. Alexander Lukashenko is the President of Belarus. I doubt I’ll ever met him but I think I’d like him. He was one of only the tiny few political leaders who didn’t cave into the blackmail and bullying of the covid fascists. Three African political leaders who also stood up at the time all died very soon after.

It’s interesting that along with the globalist push for vaccinating  the whole world (except probably themselves) is their parallel  ush for more fluoridated water. Because some local authorities in New Zealand have taken it out of their drinking water central  government has taken control and is forcing it back on many  towns. The disgusting Jacinda Arden when prime minister pushed  for it and her successor who doesn’t even know how many  genders there equally supports this. Presumably the treacherous  wimp hopes to land some cushy highly-paid globalist job later.

The Sound of Freedom movie about human trafficking is on its  way to New Zealand. It has been a box office hit in the US, much  to the annoyance of the liberal set. Why do they feel this way?  Surely they’d want to protect children and other vulnerable people  for this appalling threat. Apparently not. Maybe they see the  success of the movie as another threat against their desired antiGod new world (dis) order.  Here  is the official trailer.

Ty and Charleen Bollinger with their Truth About Cancer  movement have done amazing work over several years to bring  many truths regarding cancers and other serious illnesses to  peoples’ attentions. Their present series on the poisonous covid  and other vaccines is excellent, especially so because much focus  is given to remedies that are proving to heal many vax-damaged  people and that can just greatly improve health. Here is episode 7  of their present serious. Unfortunately they only allow these to be seen free for a few days.

I recently heard a young girl (aged 7 she told me) one day say,  along with a little laugh, “holy-moly glook-a-noodles”. “It just  came out”, she said. I laughed too and thought how neat that  eccentricity isn’t totally dead. I learnt she went to a small country  school and her parents limited their children's screen time. The  power-crazed maniacs who want a totally centralised one world  state hate all human creativity because it reminds them that human  beings are also living souls and they want to ban anything that r eveals this,  including resorting to mass murder

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