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    The New Start Journal

    Volume 1, Number 3

    September 2020


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    The Editor

    A Lecture on Social Credit given by Dr Oliver Heydorn


      This is the first of a series of lectures on Social Credit given by Dr Oliver Heydorn in 2014.
    It is of 41 minutes and deals with the economic aspects.

    A Basic Income Through a National Dividend  A fairly comprehensive exposition of the concept of a National Dividend written for presentation to an audience committed to the Universal Basic Income. About 6 x A4 pages.


    Employment Induced Pollution   It contends that the policy of full-employment is the greatest cause of the overly exploitative use of resources, and pollution too.  About 3 x A4 pages

    The Nature of Social Credit:-

    These are the second set of four segments of a 14 part animation explaining the nature of Social Credit. Each is of approximately 3 minutes .

    Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  
    It begins with a beautiful spring, then a tempestuous summer,
    a gentle autumn, and finally a sharp winter. A strings orchestra at its best.


    The Douglas Cure for Economic ills.    Part 2 of an exposition of Social Credit continued from last month. A reprint from The New Age journal of June, 1933.  about  2 x A4 pages

    Defending the "Defender in Chief"

    On Trump and the defence of the US Constitution. This is a highly intelligent interview on the importance of the separation of powers, and the decentralisation of power in government. While set in the area of the American law, it does much to reinforce the Westminster system which fathered it, and illuminate eternal principles of importance.


    Bull Shit Jobs 

    In spite of its profane title this is a brilliant exposition of the utter futility of the consequences of full-employment as a means of government and control, and the suppression of individuality  and personal  leisure it brings. 

    A National Dividend is the only antidote to the utterly insane and even “satanic” policy of wage slavery for us all.


    Origins of Islam. 
    This is authoritative research by recognized scholars which completely changes our understanding of the history of Islam. Mecca was nowhere written in Arabic until over 100 years after Muhammad’s death, and so much more. Can Islam survive this expose? 



    The Monopoly of Credit    Chapter 3 & 4 of C H Douglas’s most important work of Social Credit economics.

    Us Rabbits   A seven stanza piece on the foolishness of us all.