The three reasons why John Howard is against the Voice to Parliament

Former prime minister John Howard has revealed the three reasons why he is against the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. 
Mr Howard said he is against anything that divides Australians by race and also fears what could happen in the hands of an “activist High Court”. 
“I think the final reason is that whatever the government might say in the next six weeks, the truth is that any pronouncement of this body will have a coercive effect on the government of the day,” he told Sky News host Sharri Markson. 
“If this body proposes something the government doesn’t like, every man and his dog … will be yelling at the government to do what they are told.
“Because this, after all, is the body which represents Indigenous people and you’ve gone to all this trouble to insert it in the constitution and now you are going to ignore their advice? How can you possibly do that?”