Cultivated Psychosis

by Don Pinwill

What is “psychosis”?

The mental state of “psychosis” is a condition where the mind becomes detached from reality. A psychotic individual will ignore or distort factual evidence or truth.

What is meant by “cultivated” psychosis? This condition is a result of purposeful/deliberate “mind manipulation.” In the same way that a farmer cultivates the ground, plants the seeds, tends the crop and harvests the crop, so it is with cultivated psychosis. Therefore, “Cultivated Psychosis” is a deliberate mind manipulation technique specifically designed and implemented to hide truth, which over time, will distort reality and inculcate a required predetermined belief. Cultivated Psychosis is being implemented on people on a mass scale.

There are four main steps in the developing of Cultivated Psychosis.

First step; Grab everyone’s attention. (Prepare the ground and plant the seed) E.g. Al Gore did this with his “An Inconvenient Truth” presentation. This went worldwide and kicked off the “Climate Change Crisis.” The message was frightening - countries being submerged under the rising oceans, extreme weather events, acidic oceans, wildlife extinction, disruption of weather systems and climatic norms etc. The whole world paid attention to this topic because climate affects everyone and we all agree we have to care for our planet.

The “War on Terror” began dramatically also with the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. The Covid 19 pandemic immediately created panic on a global scale. All these events fulfil the first step in “Cultivated Psychosis.”

Second step; Media saturation. (Fertilise the crop) Having created the focal point of urgency, stress, drama and deep concern, the airwaves and media fertilise our minds with a tsunami of publicity hypothesising the unavoidable cataclysmic outcomes. Everyone’s attention is focused on this single issue. The topic grows rapidly and takes on an exaggerated urgency and importance. The crisis becomes embedded and takes root in the mind.

Third step; Demand action. (Tend the crop) Help!! Somebody do something! Governments around the world virtue signal by rushing to the rescue. The saturated extent of publicity that the topic receives is assumed to be obvious proof that everyone agrees, that the science is settled, and action is urgently required. Mountains of money are made available to institutions and science projects to investigate the issue and develop some solutions. Scientists around the world who reinforce the required agenda are rewarded with generous grants. Any scientists who voice their concerns and produce opposing evidence is crucified by the WOKE media. Objectors are vilified, marginalised and discredited. Anyone with a different view is weeded out of the crop being cultivated. No debate will be tolerated in mainstream media. Under these conditions immense changes can be enacted. Our culture, our lifestyle, our freedoms, our law: all can be swept aside with barely a murmur or objection. (Witness the enforcement of mandatory vaccine for Covid 19 which is clearly against numerous charters in International Law.)   

Fourth step; (Harvest the crop) Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion believers are a typical example of the crop of young people that are being harvested.  These young people have no clue as to planetary climatic conditions or long term climate variability or the logarithmic properties of CO2 or the destruction of whole industries from rising energy costs or that solar and wind power will never be capable of providing enough electricity to run their electronic gadgetry or air conditioners. They only know what their cultivated psychosis tells them. 

The techniques used to cultivate their psychosis over Climate Change have worked brilliantly.  Even when confronted with irrefutable facts, their psychotic view of reality remains blinded. (e.g. Solar and wind energy cannot produce enough energy to keep up with population increases – that computer modelling has consistently over stated warming temperatures.) Why are we talking about that sort of “evidence stuff” when the whole planet is on the verge of complete extinction? The cultivated psychosis has possessed their brains. They don’t want their minds confused with hard facts!

The “Cultivated Psychosis” technique used to manipulate our minds is a conglomeration of many of the previously mentioned Truth Corruption Methods. (Lying, suppressed information, false science, propaganda, confusion etc.)