Australia's medicines regulator, the TGA, has been publishing a weekly summary report on adverse events from the COVID vaccines. Because of their policies, they have not been publishing all the details of any adverse side effects from the vaccines, not until 3 months after the event.

This week they did publish a little more of their data, which has been summarised in the attached pic...

Since the COVID-19 vaccines started in Australia, there have been (TGA, 2021):

  • 1 death from COVID-19
  • 210 deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine
  • 22,031 adverse events reported from the vaccine.

Considering that not every case of death or adverse reaction gets officially reported, these numbers are likely to be MUCH higher in reality.

In just the last week, another 9 reports of blood clotting issues which can potentially be fatal, and 1609 adverse reactions.

The TGA also reported that in an average year 160,000 people in Australia die, or 13,500 per month, or 3,050 per week. As of end-May, we would have 15,250 deaths in Australia. Out of those estimated 15,250 deaths, we've had 1, just ONE, death from COVID-19 all year, but 210 from the vaccine. The "treatment" or "cure" is supposed to be safer than the disease or infection, but that is certainly not the case here.

With the survival rate of COVID-19 being well over 99%, I will continue to support my immune system to do what it is supposed to - find and fight every infection that I may come in contact with...

Is the risk of an untested and experimental vaccine worth it? These numbers make it clear.
Stay healthy!

Therapeutic Goods Administration. (2021). COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report - 27-05-2021. Retrieved 30th May 2021 from

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