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    The New Start Journal

    Vol 2. Issue 2

    March 2021

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    Freedom Potentials

    Freedom Potentials was a video series in twenty segments of approximately 20 to 30 minutes each, which was produced in the 1990’s. It was created to assist and nurture the free society in the best Western tradition. This edition of New Start offers the first 2 segments    

    Lesson 1 -:- Preparing for Service. 30 minutes.


    Freedom Potentials

    Lesson 2 -:- Freedom and Service. 19 minutes.


    Mexico’s Left-Wing President Schools America in
    Free Speech and Civil Rights

    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (ALMO for short) is the President of Mexico.
    He criticizes Dr Anthony Fauci for spending $48 billion on seeking a covid-19 vaccine,
    but absolutely nothing upon discovering better treatments for those with the virus.
    AMLO is widely using Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat infections with good results.
    He refuses to lock Mexico down and is critical of replacing democracy with surveillance states. One A4 page.


    The Problem of Grovelment

    By Charles Pinwill

    We can stop wondering why politicians are so universally disappointing. It is all explained by a system of recruitment and training which the intelligent young and ambitious must discern and apply to succeed. Two and a half pages of A4.

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    The genius of the teenage Mozart who indiscreetly upstages Salieri.

    A 9½ minute video.


    Vivaldi’s Gloria  


    Slavery, Work and Service; The Three Ages of Man.

    Actions offered for the benefit of others arise in one of three ways; they are compelled by force (slavery),
    induced by recompense (paid work), or given gratis from a motive of love.
    As a formal system slavery has passed, work is diminishing as technology replaces human economic input,
    so may it be possible to run the world with all service being freely given? Six A4 pages.

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    The Cambrian Explosion


    A 2 hour technical video on the inexplicable appearance of most life forms’ fossils  all occurring suddenly in the Cambrian period of perhaps from 3 to 5 million years.  Previously there were practically none. Darwin thought the prior fossils would be found to support his thesis of gradual change; they never were; they are not there.

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    2 hour video of the inexplicable appearance of most life forms all occurring suddenly in the Cambrian period of perhaps from 3 to 5 million years.