Money, the possession of credit, the right to create money, distribute it only through loans, charge interest and to compound that interest, had come into its inheritance. Through the power of the mortgage, the ownership of the media, and the patronage of academia and “science”, money appointed a proxy to represent it. That proxy was the majority, with the vacancies of its head filled by endless repetition from the controlled agencies of money.

So democracy triumphed, though not of itself, but as the creature of the new and more dominant aristocracy which none could recognize or even suspect, unless the origin of credit as a private (a very private) monopoly could be discerned, and be believed to exist; which, without the captive media shouting about it, was almost never. The arrogance of the ordinary fellow who declared that he knew how the world worked rendered him impervious to being told. The media had got to his pride first.

Though it is not over yet. The world has seen many a regime supplanted; the reptile by the dinosaur, and the dinosaur by the mammal, for example. How could ordinary fellows ever supplant the power of ‘all that money can buy’? The first necessity is that enough of us give up the prestige among our fellows of seeming to know how power works and is exercised, and then devoting ourselves to actually finding this out.

Telling it how it is - is normally a mistake. This would be too easy to own. I used to poison dingoes with suet laced with strychnine. In open display it was treated with suspicion. Wrap it in newspaper, put it under a rock or timber somewhat off the beaten track, and make them sniff it out and work and scratch away for it, and the newspaper would be found with teeth marks. This is why it is such heavy work to change others’ minds or to change our own.