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    The New Start Journal

    Volume 1, Number 2

    August 2020

    Bill before the US Congress  :- This Bill is currently before the US Congress and proposes the creation of $2 trillion free of both debt and taxation. The US Constitution allows Congress the power to mint coins and fix their value, and this Bill if passed, will create two $1 trillion coins and sell then to the Reserve Bank  to fund a debit card for every citizen, allowing each to withdraw $2,000 monthly for the duration of the pandemic lockdown. A press release, the Bill itself, a radio item and a video help to explain it.

    Basic Income through a National Dividend . A 46 minute video of Will Waite and Charles Pinwill discussing the National Dividend concept 


    Proletariats or Proprietors  A 1½ page discussion of our option to either continue as paid wage slaves, or become owners of our country and participate in its distribution of a National Dividend.


    The Quality of Mercy    A small gem from Western culture. Shakespeare’s monologue of Portia deserves a revisit every few years. A 2 minute read.


    The Breakdown of the Employment System  An address by C H Douglas in 1923. Its relevance only increases each year with technology, advanced processes and artificial intelligence curtailing direct human labour requirements in the modern economy. 17 x A5 pages.


    The Nature of Social Credit:-

    These are the first four segments of a 14 part animation explaining the nature of Social Credit. Each is of approximately 3 minutes.


    The Douglas Cure for Economic ills    A 1933 article from the English Journal The New Age explaining Douglas’s diagnosis and prescriptive cure for the Great Depression. As relevant today as ever. 3 x A4 pages.

    5th Symphony in C Minor

    There is a speculation that Beethoven’s disappointed expectations for great things from Napoleonian’s France, and his hopes and despair for a triumph of the human spirit inspired this. It is certainly a dramatic march of the human spirit through dark places. It sounds like a troubled though inevitably triumphant victory for truth to those who can hear it. A 36 minute presentation.  


    TU Delft - Ambulance Drone.  Future technoloy which is already here

    The Major Problems with Bank Money Creation.     Tim Di Muzio is an Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Economy, at the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong, Australia. He is also an Associate at the Centre for Advanced International Theory, University of Sussex, UK. He is a breath of fresh air in that he will address the problems associated with the creation of credit. 5 x A4 pages.
    The Monopoly of Credit (Chapters 1 & 2)   The most useful and important of Douglas’s works to the understanding of the economics of Social Credit. It will be serialized through future edition of The New Start.

    Corporate Boat Race    A comedy of Corporate Management’s “best practice”. A single page.