The New Start Journal

Volume 1, Number 1

July 2020

1. An Introduction to Social Credit (not the Chinese version) - Part 1 :

A Canadian videoed Interview of 28 minutes in which Dr Oliver Heydorn gives a basic outline of the nature of Douglas Social Credit. It can be profitably shared.

2. :

Dr Sonia Marshall interviews  Charles Pinwill in a 39 minute video. The nature and importance of doing proper National Accounts is made plain.

3. Residential Finance – A matter of Life or Debt :

A one page expose of the consequences for families of the Banks’ policy of inflating house prices.

4. :

A beautiful, beautiful five minute sung liturgical hymn.

5. :

Ellen Brown is a well-known American Journalist who advocates a Universal Basic Income financed by debt-free credit. A read of about 4½ pages on the Web of Debt Blog.

6. Antimatter Money; or Monetary Baryogenesis :

A 1½ page exploration of the unthinkable; the means of destroying debt.

7. Douglas’ Sydney City Hall Meeting, 1934:

Douglas visited Australia in 1934 and gave an address at the Sydney Town Hall, the report of which from Fred Taylor will interest those in this historical event.

8. :

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major.

9. :

Dr Michael Behe is one of a growing number of Scientists who are challenging Neo-Darwinism on purely scientific grounds. His challenge centres around his observations of  “irreducible complexity” in biology, and the impossibility of a gradual development of functionality in such cases.

10.“Economic Democracy” was C H Douglas’s first work which launched the Social Credit Movement in 1919. We are treating you here to the first and second Chapters. The full work can be found on one of the libraries at