Editorial Comment

We doubt that there will regularly be an editorial for each edition, though as this is Volume 1, Number 1 it may offer a valuable opportunity.

In aiming at societal efficiency in terms of human satisfaction, quotes from C H Douglas’s Economic Democracy, which is reproduced in this edition, may serve. “Systems were made for men, not men for systems, and the interest of man which is self-development, is above all systems, whether theological,* political or economic. Accepting this statement as a basis of constructive effort, it seems clear that all forms, whether of Government, industry or society must exist contingently to the furtherance of the principles contained in it. If a State system can be shown to be inimical to them – it must go; if social customs hamper their continuous expansion – they must be modified; if unbridled industrialism checks their growth, then industrialism must be reined in. That is to say, we must build up from the individual, not down from the State.”  *Echoes of Mark 2:27  

At the time of publishing, the world was five months into the Covid-19 pandemic. The need for a modification of the financial system was upon us. The article Antimatter Money; or Monetary Baryogenesis is a succinct form of our comment on this. Even some of the best comment available on the pandemic https://www.returntoorder.org/2020/05/the-most-monumental-social-engineering-and-ideological-transshipment-effort-in-history-part-1/?pkg=rtoe0956 recoils from any adjustment of the financial system. Its publisher, a traditional Catholic organisation would be well advised to make contact urgently with another in The Pilgrims of St Michael in Canada which does understand the correct form of needed monetary reform. 

If all assistance to those impoverished by the fallout of the pandemic is to be undertaken as increased debt, then more may die from the consequences of financial stringency than directly from the virus. A financial system now urgently in need of modification is the opportunity to do so.

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